A Review of The BestEver Handwriting Series

Dr. Daniel Amen
Physician/Child/Adolescent/Adult Psychiatry

When reviewing The BestEver Handwriting Series it becomes apparent that it is based not only on how children develop and learn but also with an understanding of brain functioning. It is evident from the first level of teaching beginners to print letters correctly, through follow up materials designed for using handwriting in daily lessons, to the final Cursive writing workbook that author, Bonnie Emerson understands the necessity for ample repetition and practice to train the brain to achieve handwriting mastery.

An important feature of this Series is the strong correlation between learning to write and reading. Current brain research is strongly pointing to the necessity of learning this foundational skill as a necessity for reading mastery. Early attempts at letter formation imprints on the brain not only how to write the letter but how it appears in text as well. Researchers have found that children, who learn to write with paper and pencil only, excel in reading competency compared to their counterparts who learn by keyboarding. Bonnie recognizes this strong correlation between handwriting and reading that occurs in the brain and provides a strong reading strand in her Series for its development.

Based on her understanding of brain functioning, the author has developed a complete series that may also help individuals who have sustained an injury and need to relearn the important personal skill of handwriting. The repetition and practice imbedded in each level will help develop required fine motor control and may assist the brain as it develops new pathways to connect to prior writing and reading knowledge.

Even though technology has become the centerpiece of many educational programs, one must recognize that handwriting is a highly personal skill that can trigger a strong emotional response in the brain when reading a handwritten note from a loved one. Even after many years of separation, opening a letter in familiar handwriting elicits strong emotions that one may think were long gone. Similar letters created through technology do not generate the same emotional response. Simply put, they are not personal. I highly recommend The BestEver Handwriting Series for learners of any age who want to master this highly personal skill of handwriting.


Classroom Use

“The little guy is a great element for young children. The information for adults is extremely important, the pre-activities appropriate and the formation of the letters correct.”
—Pamela Rig, Montessori School Owner/Administrator

“These workbooks are great, because they were written by a teacher who understands how children learn!”
—Becky Jackson, 2nd grade teacher


“This handwriting series is designed for classroom use and easily fits into a school’s language arts program from Pre-K through 4th grade.”
— Carol Cooper, Elementary School Administrator

“My students really enjoy having a workbook of their own. And, I really like that I do not have to spend my valuable time running individual student copies for daily handwriting assignments!”
— Nancy Warner, Primary Teacher

Homeschool Use

“My five-year-old son was getting frustrated with handwriting to the point that he avoided and even began to get upset whenever I asked him to write something. He learned to write his name in pre-school, but we discovered that by kindergarten, he was expected to know how to write. So, writing was not officially taught in either pre-school or kindergarten. My son had difficulty getting his letters to reach the top and bottom lines, and even though the letters were somewhat legible, he did not want to write at all. Then, we found out about The BestEver Workbook for Teaching Beginners to Write. As I understood from the author, Bonnie Emerson, a former kindergarten teacher with 34 years of experience, the writing paper with lines is a distraction to the student who is beginning to learn to write, and while the lines will be applied later, the most important thing is to learn how to draw the letters first. My son is now having a lot of fun as he strengthens his hands and follows “Mr. Writewell” as he teaches students how to draw the letters the correct way. He no longer avoids writing, and he is beginning to enjoy any chance he has to write. I would highly recommend this workbook to any parent who would either like to supplement or direct the teaching of handwriting for your child!
Thank you again for writing this book!”

—Elizabeth, Parent


“I am a homeschooling mother of four. I love this program! I wish I had it years back when I was teaching my other three children. The instructions are very easy to follow and I love how everything you need is included in one book for each level of learning. Most of all, my daughter thoroughly enjoys doing her printing lessons with Mr. Writewell. In fact, it’s hard to tear her away to do her other subjects. I can’t recommend this program enough!”
—Diane, Parent

“Overall, this is a nice resource for a parent looking at a self-contained handwriting program. Considering the cost to print pages at home, the workbooks are decently priced and I like the idea of bound pages for extra practice. BestEver Handwriting promotes the idea that working on a page per day (for up to 20 minutes) will help your child develop writing skills that will last a lifetime and I definitely agree.”
— Product Review by Laura O’NeillThe Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

Handwriting Workshop Participants

  • Great ideas! Many of my strategies were validated.
  • I’m glad we’re getting back to the importance of proper handwriting.
  • I learned a lot of GREAT foundational skills about writing/handwriting.
  • Made me rethink how I approach writing–handwriting. Everything needs to be purposeful.
  • I guess after many years of teaching, I still think that handwriting is a priority!

Special Education Programs

“Not only would these writing books fit in the curriculum of the regular classroom, I think they would also be valuable in Special Education.”
—Dr. Sally Frazier, Superintendent, Ret. Madera County Schools


“My students love Mr.Writewell. He’s wonderful! They get really happy when I take these books out of the cupboard!”
—Gerri Mitchell, Resource Specialist

A Review of The BestEver Handwriting Series

Robert Brooks, Ph.D.,
Child/Adolescent/Adult Clinical Psychologist, Author, The Self-Esteem Teacher, Co-author, Raising Resilient Children.

Renowned early elementary educator Bonnie Emerson has applied her vast knowledge of learning and brain functioning to create The BestEver Handwriting Series. This very impressive series includes attractive, informative handbooks to be used by educators and parents to teach children the skills necessary for handwriting and phonics mastery. Bonnie’s understanding of strategies to nurture intrinsic motivation, self-esteem, and effective learning is reflected in all of the material in the series. Children will certainly be the beneficiaries when their parents and teachers use The BestEver Handwriting Series.


Occupational Therapists/Rehabilitation

Dear Bonnie,

I want to thank you for being there for me when I was in the hospital after my spinal cord stroke. I was devastated when I could not sign my name. It was as though I had lost a part of what made me, me. However, thanks to your exercises I am writing again! Just as important my 5 years old grandson is using your book to learn to print. He gets so excited it is hard to keep him from jumping ahead in the workbook!

—Diane Carter, Modesto, CA