Experienced teacher and speaker, Bonnie Emerson, motivates audiences in understanding handwriting as a foundational skill that promotes student success in all areas of the curriculum—as well as strategies and procedures to integrate it into content areas.

Handwriting Workshops are designed specifically for:

  • Teachers of all grade levels who teach the skill of handwriting
  • Integration of Handwriting into the Early Childhood Curriculum
  • Parents Teaching Their Children to Write
  • Teachers of Second Language Learners
  • Adult Second Language Learners
  • Occupational Therapists

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Bonnie Emerson, Presenter, Southern California Kindergarten Conference, Pasadena, March 1, 2014

  • Great ideas! Many of my strategies were validated.
  • I’m glad we’re getting back to the importance of proper handwriting.
  • I learned a lot of GREAT foundational skills about writing/handwriting.
  • Made me rethink how I approach writing–handwriting. Everything needs to be purposeful.
  • I guess after many years of teaching, I still think that handwriting is a priority!